Each vinegar has a different flavour, since during the conversion of alcohol into acid the valuable flavours from natural starting substances are preserved. Wine vinegar is solely produced out of wine and is said to be a specialty of the fine cuisine. Spirit vinegar is made of spirit from agricultural products. There are also blends offered, e.g. wine/spirit vinegar, which are made up of one quarter of wine and three quarters of spirit. It has a fresh, sour taste and especially matches with salad. Fruit vinegar is mainly produced from apple wine, whereas its fruity note is due to the apple content. It especially suits for tasty salad dressings and for the sweet-and-sour pickling of fruit. Balsamic vinegar is becoming more and more popular due to its mildness and its varied options for use.

Vinegar is described in the Standard EN 13188:2000 (Vinegar - Product made from liquids of agricultural origin - Definitions, requirements, marking) which can be ordered from the publishing house Beuth.